Games of Boston FIG: Part 1

Over the weekend I traveled to Boston for the second annual Festival of Indie Games hosted by MIT. After receiving a boost from Kickstarter, this year’s Boston FIG nearly doubled in size from the previous year, featuring a full day of parallel speaking schedules, an art gallery, a concert series, and an entire gymnasium full of independent games from Boston and beyond. As I obtained my passes–an unnecessarily arduous process and the festival’s only obvious growing pains–I frequently heard fellow attendees excitedly exclaim that it was “just like PAX!” Indeed, given the recent resurgence of the dickwolves controversy at PAX Prime,┬áit seems that Boston FIG is shaping up to be a great alternative for both fans and independent developers. I was pleasantly surprised by not only the number of games on display, but by how diverse the showing was in terms of both the kinds of games and who was developing them. Below are three of what turned out to be many games I played Saturday morning. More will be highlighted tomorrow.
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