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Now Playing: TellTale Games’s The Wolf Among Us

  • Developed and published by TellTale Games

This week, I was finally able to play the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, TellTale Games’s long-delayed adaptation of Bill Willingham’s comic book series, Fables. More than that, it’s the first episodic adventure game from the studio after The Walking Dead–another comic adaptation–won pretty much every award there was to win. The Walking Dead’s legacy is apparent in even this first chapter; I traversed and explored the world using a classic point-and-click adventure game interface, a large amount of meaningful input occurs in conversations with other characters in which I must choose option within a time limit. However, I was surprised to discover the subtle ways in which The Wolf Among Us diverted from The Walking Dead’s established formula–both in its storytelling and how I am able to engage with it.

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